Password Generator

This a script for those of you with Python 3+ installed. It will run in the console and prompt for an amount of characters to be entered. It will generate a list of all possible combinations of a-z, A-Z, 0-9 as many characters long as you have entered. This being said, USE AT YOU OWN RISK, or edit the amount of characters down, etc.. Keep in mind all combinations of 62 different characters, 8 characters long, is an astronomically long, HUGE file. Edit the path to your own text file of course.

Pass Generator Screenshot

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How to download videos from YouTube (in Firefox)


Download YouTube Videos:

Open your Firefox browser.
In the upper left-hand corner click on the orange “Firefox” tab, then “Add-ons”


In the upper right hand corner, type “youtube” in the search box.


Find the “YouTube Video and Audio Downloader” (about 5th down in list) and click “Install”


After installing restart your browser. A YouTube logo will appear in the upper right hand corner. Click on the logo, to make an orange box appear with your new options. Clicking on “Quick Download” while on the page of the video you wish to download, will download that video.


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