SL Visitor Monitor

What is Chao-Bell?

Chao-Bell is actually a 2 piece system to recieve an auditory notification upon visitor arrival to your area. With several bell selections, Flashing Alert Banner and visitor counter.

First piece is an in-world prim with our lsl script inside and a notecard called “DNS”.
On this notecard will go your http ip address ending with port 4113 or no-ip type domain set up for port 4113.


(Chao-Bell listens on port 4113 so you want to make sure your router is port-forwarded.)

What is port-forwarding?
Wiki it here…
Wikipedia – Port Forwarding

Second piece is a desktop .exe file that will run in taskbar or the corner of your screen.

(Run Chao-Bell.exe out of source folder. If you wish to fully install Chao-Bell, drop folder into C drive and create shortcut to the .exe file to place on desktop.)

You can download the package below, lsl script is to be pasted in-world, therefore it is also modifyable to suit your needs in anyway.Make sure to read the “Read Me” file.

Please Note as I am happy with the way way this version runs for me, and as I made it for myself in the first place, there will be no more updates to this project!

Download Version 1.4 Here:

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